Armand Thelen,


Director of Sales and Marketing at Revival, JdV by Hyatt.

“When transitioning from being a Director of Group Sales to my fist role as Director of Sales and Marketing; Abena has been incremental in setting me up for success! Her tailor made and dedicated approach to filling in the gaps in my experience provided me the tools and resources to thrive in my current position.

Furthermore, I was also fortunate to engage Abena for a Business Transient task force project where she assisted me in setting up the hotel as a standalone after breaking out of the downtown DC cluster for BT Sales. Within the first weeks of her efforts to re-establish the account base for the hotel Abena secured a project based piece of business that’s now projected to reach 1,000 room nights in 2019 and become the hotels number 1 account for the year.

As I continue my career path in the DMV Market I look forward to the next best opportunity to partner with Abena again hopefully soon.
Thank you Abena for all that you do!”